Bi-bi Biphobia

Bi-erasure prevails continuously in history, even in the LGBTQ+ community, and bisexual visibility is needed. 

Due to history being overwhelmingly patriarchal, and still, in the modern era, women are sadly not as well documented in bisexual history. Bisexual history shows that it not a trend or phase but a real sexual orientation that deserves respect. Ancient Greeks did not abide by the heteronormative culture in place today. Back then, men were documented to have sexual relationships and marriage with men, as the same men also did with women. In pre-colonized Japan, men would fall in love with their superior, who was teaching them to become a samurai, leading to marriage.

 Before America was horrendously imperialized, Native American cultures had “two spirit” people, which is now similar to transgender or androgynous people. Although two-spirit people were documented to be masculine women who had feminine wives, and vice versa for males, this history is only a small bit of bisexual history; it is not even mentioning the constant oppression and marginalization of bisexuals, also seen in the LGBTQ+ community.

Biphobia stems from false knowledge about bisexuality rooted in compulsory heterosexuality and myths.  Bisexual myths are rooted in heterosexual norms. Believing everyone can only be attracted to one gender makes no sense. When a bisexual woman is with a woman, people will claim she is lesbian. If a man dates a woman, he must be straight! It seems as though bisexuals are never acknowledged, which is known as erasure. Another myth is that bisexuals are more likely to cheat. This claim is one of the most unfathomable claims I have ever heard that is rooted in internalized homophobia. Anyone can cheat, so do not blame your commitment issues on bisexuality.

On top of that, people will mention “they are just following trends.” Lastly, another toxic myth is that “you can not be bisexual and in a monogamous relationship.” Monogamy does not determine an individual’s sexual orientation.

 Exploring your sexuality is not a trend, and on the same note, bisexuals are not an experiment or fetishization for you. Exploring who you are attracted to is perfectly normal, and invalidating someone’s journey of sexual orientation is beyond ignorant. In addition, people feel empowered when they explore their sexuality comfortably and should not be invalidated by telling them it is a phase.

Bisexuals are not cheaters, participating in trends, or invalid. Bisexuals are human beings who deserve as much respect as anyone else. Hey homophobe! Bisexuals exist!