Claws or Paws

Pet lovers have been known for their unwavering compassion towards animals and the responsibility that comes with it. Though, not all pets are viewed equally in the eyes of potential owners, in particular, cats and dogs. Both animals provide their benefits and drawbacks, but only one clearly arises victorious over the other. Between the two classic pets, I constantly believe that cats are superior due to their low level of maintenance, overall expense, and the pleasure they bring to their caretakers.

First of all, cats are generally easier to manage. They don’t require much space, and are content with the four walls of your apartment. There is no fear of them harming or bothering other tenants, as they are quiet and docile creatures. In addition, they won’t urinate all over your residence when denied a walk, and contrary to popular belief, litter boxes are surprisingly unfragrant and are remarkably effortless to clean. Maintaining the hygiene of a feline is significantly less energy-consuming than for a dog, as you only need to scoop litter twice a day; in comparison, it takes to the two generic fifteen minute walks for the average dog. Cats constantly groom themselves throughout the day, so baths are unnecessary. Dogs create a foul-smelling home, and simply cannot compare to the cleanliness of their rival species.

As cute as a puppy may be, consider the commitment. For instance, dogs require constant assistance and attention, and cannot be left alone for more than two to six hours. However, cats can thrive for up to three days unattended, giving its owner time for vacations and other personal matters. Yet that’s not the only cost of the ownership of a dog. The adoption fees of a cats run cheaper than the typical dog, and at some shelters they are even dismissed entirely. Furthermore, dog food is more expensive, as they tend to consume a larger quantity. Entertainment is another investment in which cats gain the upper paw. Most chew toys intended for canines range from five to ten dollars, whereas catnip toys can purchased with a mere buck. In the long run, choosing to care for a dog requires excessive amounts of time, energy, and money.

A positive aspect of caring for a dog is that they have a sense of devotion that cats don’t possess. When properly trained, they can become an asset to a home, and provide security. Cats, in comparison, are more independent and tend to be less clingy. Where dogs trail your heel as you’re going about your daily activities, cats only occasionally desire attention. Although dogs demonstrate unshakable loyalty, cats contribute their own set of skills. For example, they are instinctive hunters, and eliminate pests such as bugs and rodents. They stalk everything from cockroaches to rats, saving you the trouble of fetching your fly-swatter.

Cats have proven themselves to me to be the ultimate pet time and time again. Whether it be through care, maintenance, expense, or compatibility with residents, felines triumph over their main competitors of the pet adoption industry.