Fighting Social Isolation This Week: It’s All About Trust



In light of recent events, we can not be afraid to place our trust in those around us. By reaching out to new people, anyone can help combat social isolation.

Something most people don’t know about me is that I have a natural inclination to trust anyone and everyone. I have faith in the strangers around me because I believe people are innately good. Following the Parkland Shooting, Lambert administration took certain precautions in an attempt to keep students safe. In seeing how mass panic changes the way the school runs on a day to day basis, it is only natural for children to become wary of their surroundings. We become reserved in our own internal bubbles, and ultimately this may only add fuel to a burning fire. The goal of these safety programs should be to make sure that trust is restored in our daily relationships; moreover, since appropriate action is not being taken, the responsibility falls upon the students to accept strangers and embrace new people. To prove this point, I attempted to meet a stranger yet again. I attended one of the kick off meetings for Whisper, and was able to meet multiple new people. This time, I was able to engage with others, without help from a friend. I put my trust in the complete strangers around me. In an increasingly paranoid world, we must not lose sight of the essential kindness that makes us human, granting us the ability to engage in our social surroundings.