Fighting Social Isolation This Week: New Year, Continuing Need for Change


Ashley Sohn

National Art Honors Society students happily volunteered to face paint at Sharon Elementary School’s International Night.

Welcome to 2018! Unfortunately we live in a world where as the years change, our problems do not magically disappear. There are still many issues prevalent in society today such as world hunger, poverty, global warming, a lack of education, lingering damage from natural disasters, and (last but not least) social isolation. With the start of the new year, the best we can do in light of these numerous and overwhelming issues is to try to continue fighting them.

Kick start the new year by taking a moment to help those who are in need. Volunteer with local organizations and you will feel good and interact with your environment. By doing so you are not only working to help others who are in need but you are helping yourself breakthrough social barriers. This week I plan on volunteering at the International Night at Sharon Elementary. I hope while I am face painting there I will get the opportunity to expose myself to new cultures and help promote an appreciation of diversity with the children I meet.