Private or Public Schools?

Cayla Vanderzanden, Staff Writer

A good majority of high school students have only ever gone to one kind of school versus transferring through their academic life. Ashley Garcia, a student from Fresno Christian in California, has had the experience of transferring from a public to a private school. Private school is different in many ways from public school. “It’s so small. It’s really more like a family than a school!” Ashley Garcia exclaims. Many students love public school because of its social environment, but it’s not an environment for everyone. It’s more than the lack of students that is different with the social aspect, however. Ashley’s school is clique free. Students bond with and are friends with most students, whereas at Lambert most students spend time with a specific group of friends.

However, there are similarities just as there are differences. Fresno’s administration strongly enforces students to never be tardy, which includes skipping school altogether. They punish students by giving them detention during lunch where they sit in front of many students in the hallways; Ashley has said it is very embarrassing. LHS has different ways in which they prevent these things, like needing check out notes where they call a parent to clarify and making you get a tardy slip if you are late. Fresno also has block days during the week like our Wednesday and Thursday block days.

Garcia said, “Transferring from public to private school was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far”. While Ashley believes this to be true, many students might feel differently. Both kinds of schools are made for different kinds of kids. Whether you enjoy the public or private school route at least now you have information on why that kind of school works to your advantage.