Why Chinese Labs Released the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has been rampaging through China and spreading to almost every part of the world for the last couple of months. The virus seemingly came out of nowhere and infected a large amount of China’s population.

Most of America knows that the Chinese government has not been completely honest with the world about the disease. For example, they lied about the number of people who were infected by the virus.


This theory that China released the virus started when scientists found strands of HIV in the illness. This suggests that the disease was genetically modified in a lab. To treat the Coronavirus, doctors have been experimenting with HIV drugs.


People may be wondering why the Chinese government would release this deadly virus on its people. They could have been experimenting with the disease in a lab, and it just so happened to be released to the public.


However, another theory that has come to light is that the Chinese government released it on purpose to distract from the growing protests for democracy. The Chinese government has been known to censor almost all talk of democracy, including the brutal attacks on protesters in Hong Kong back in 2019. The release of the virus could be another censorship strategy used by the government to distract the world and Chinese citizens from the outcry for democracy.


 Whether the virus was released or originated in bats like the government first said, this virus has been tragic for everyone involved. The Coronavirus is meant to become an annual virus like the Flu, and it could kill up to 50 million people.