Lambert freshmen experience first high school events

The freshmen crowd looks onto the pep rally trying to set an example of how to be cool.

Cameron Adamczyk

The freshmen crowd looks onto the pep rally trying to set an example of how to be cool.

The lone freshman looked around the screaming gym, searching for an example on how to act. His first real school event can appear daunting. He carried apprehension to fully embrace his inner school spirit. All of his friends around him don’t know how to act either. They all wanted to be cool. A big part of being cool is internally rejecting any fun that you could potentially have at an event like the pep rally. Screaming too loud makes you seem desperate, but not screaming at all might get you shunned by the upperclassmen.

As Mr. Bass began to scream into the microphone, the freshman tried to crack a good fart joke. Nothing makes him cooler than a fart joke that gets his friends to give him the approval through laughter that he craves.

Lame game, lame homecoming nominees, lame chants, lame everything. That pep rally was such a waste of the freshman’s precious time. Now he had to go back to class with ringing ears and sweaty pits. He hopes his crush doesn’t see his steamy armpits.

The freshman met up with his group of five guy friends and six girl friends at the football game later that night. After two awkward pictures and standing in places extremely inconvenient for the rest of the fans, the freshmen were finally ready to find their seat in the bleachers. During the first quarter, the group decided to sit in the top right of the stadium because paying attention to the action on the field seemed a little tedious. Instead, they flirted with the each other and the girls screamed “stop it!!” in a giggly voice.

The game started to get more interesting in the second quarter. The freshman boy began to experience an inner conflict. Do they ditch their chance of getting their first kiss and move over to the student section or do they stick around and continue to spit mad game?

The group was divided. Two of the freshman boys decided to join their fellow students in the crowd. The guys looked around the bleachers for their other friends. They noticed how cool the DRN up front was. Like any other young high schooler, they wanted to become a Dad when they grew up.

Lambert started to make a storming comeback in the fourth quarter, and the chants started. The freshmen really love these chants. They could never get the timing quite right. They hopped in a little too late and stopped chanting after everyone else had stopped.

The game ended and all they could think about was if it was worth potentially missing their first kiss to be a part of the student section. They ended up having more fun when they decided to let go and not try to be super cool, but girls are girls. If the DRN heard all their witty and immature comments toward the other team, it would make it worth it.

The football game inspired the group to ask their girl friends to the homecoming Lalo Fest. If there was ever a time to lock in their first kiss, showing off their seductively excellent dab was the best way to do it.

It was nerve racking arriving to the dance with a date. This wasn’t the 8th grade formal anymore. This was the big leagues. Seniors were going to be grinding all over each other. That’s what these hormone-raging kids wanted. They wanted to be like the care-free seniors.

At first, the dance moves were a joke. “Guys look,” said one the boys as he dabbed obnoxiously. As the night progressed, the dance moves got more serious. The dudes started to straight kill it. Aisle 3 set them up with a great slow dance opportunity. The sweat was dripping but the girl wanted a dance. He provided the best dance his little legs could provide.

By the end of the night, the freshmen began to realize that acting too cool for school ruined events. Embracing being a person who enjoys doing things instead of seeking approval from the masses made the dance the most fun night of their month.