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Vultures: Another Round of Controversy for Kanye West

Cover art for ¥$’s upcoming album, Vultures, December 30th, 2023 (Wikipedia/The Lambert Post)
Cover art for ¥$’s upcoming album, “Vultures”, December 30th, 2023 (Wikipedia/The Lambert Post)

On December 15, 2023, fans anxiously awaited for Ye (Formerly known as Kanye West) to release his new album. However, it was never released. The album was announced to have a delayed release for January 12, 2024, and fans everywhere were left disappointed.

Ye fan Vignesh Karthikeyan gave his thoughts on the current known state of the album.

“I can’t remember a single Kanye album that was released on time,” Karthikeyan explained. “This is nothing out of the ordinary.”

The much-anticipated album Vultures is Ye’s 11th studio album. He released this album under the name “¥$,” initials representing his collaboration with popular rapper Ty Dolla $ign.        Fans are especially excited for the upcoming release of “Vultures,” as it features many notable artists. The lineup includes figures such as Lil Baby, Playboi Carti, Chris Brown, Future, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Kid Cudi and more.

Ye already released the title track of the album on November 22 as a single. However, his lyrics on the song have led to renewed controversy as Ye brought attention to his anti-semitic remarks.

Furthermore, when the cover art for “Vultures” was released, news media and fans were quick to notice hidden references. The cover art references German artist Caspar David Friedrich’s Landscape with Graves. Friedrich was Adolf Hitler’s favorite artist.

During a promotional event for his album, Ye made anti-semitic comments once again, comparing himself to Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler. Additionally, Ye wore what appeared to be a black Ku Klux Klan hoodie during a listening party, sparking immense controversy.

“One side of him can provide us with masterful pieces of music like his hit album “Graduation”, but the other side can string together hateful irrational thoughts like those in his recent live,” Karthikeyan explained. “Kanye has recently apologized on social media for his words, and I hope this marks the end of his anti-semitic comments.”

Despite the setbacks and controversy, Ye remains a popular artist. He is currently in the top 30 most listened to artists on Spotify and holds over 60 million monthly listeners. His controversial remarks have significantly tarnished his reputation as a respectable person, but have not entirely affected his music career.

As of now, Ye’s album continues to usher in both positive and negative attention, as videos of his listening parties for Vultures” are constantly shared across all social media platforms. Furthermore, with the guest appearance of Ye’s daughter, North West, fans are excited to see what else Ye will be bringing.

“I think ‘Vultures’ has the potential to shift the course of the rap industry by bringing the 2000s era of hip-hop back into style,” Karthikeyan commented.

The current track list for Vultures is as follows:

  • “Everybody”
  • “Back to Me”
  • “Fuk Sumn”
  • “Time Moving Slow”
  • “Beg Forgiveness”
  • “So Good”
  • “Paid”
  • “Timbo Freestyle”
  • “Slide”
  • “New Body”
  • “Promotion”
  • “”Vultures”” (featuring Bump J and Lil Durk)
  • “Lifestyle”
  • “Drunk”
  • “Worship”
  • “River”
  • “Gun to My Head”
  • “Unlock”
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