Fantasy Football: A Friendly Competition


Sriyesh to the Left, Roshan in the middle, and Anshul to the right. They met up with each other to discuss the fantasy league. Photo taken by Wonhyung Nathan Kim (November 23, 2022).

Many people enjoy fantasy football because of how competitive it is, and it is a fantastic source of rivalry. Users can assemble fictional teams made up of real athletes from a particular sport in fantasy games. The teams engage in fantasy sports, and the success of the players depends on their performance in the real world. While you don’t have complete control over a football team when you compete in fantasy football, you may manage your squad during the season by making trades. 

The two most popular fantasy sports platforms are ESPN and DraftKings. Senior Roshan Gadiraju has been using ESPN to compete in a football fantasy league with his friends.

“Although we all enjoy football, I believe its popularity is since it adds another dimension for fans to cheer for,” Roshan said. “I love being in a league with my friends, and even though I get mad if I lose, I still think it’s lots of fun.” 

Roshan notes that he enjoys fantasy football because he likes learning about various teams, rebuilding his team, and suggesting crazy trades in the hopes that one of his friends would be foolish enough to accept them. Making friends is a benefit of playing fantasy football, especially in leagues that last the entire season.

“Since I am a senior, I want to spend my last few months close to my friends. I think fantasy football is a way for my friends and me to come together,” Roshan remarked.

Fantasy sports are an excellent option for sports enthusiasts. Winning a fantasy league is difficult, especially when you are up against other passionate fans. The excitement of winning is immense. However, fantasy football is something more than a fun and competitive game. It’s a way for him to bond with his friends.