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Lambert volleyball season recap

The volleyball team celebrates after a win that sends them into the elite eight round.

The volleyball team celebrates after a win that sends them into the elite eight round.

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The Lambert Volleyball team continued down their path of victory, making it all the way into the elite eight match against Mill Creek. While Lambert had already lost to Mill Creek twice earlier in the year, this game was still predicted to be tightly contested. Lambert was one of the four number one ranked teams in the state playoffs which gave the team high hopes in this match. The first set landed in the hands of Lambert with them winning 25-23, exactly the start Lambert needed for this match. However, that didn’t slow down Mill Creek as they surged into the second set winning it by a score of 25-16. With both teams sharing one set a piece, the rest of the game was setup to be a thriller. The third set was back and forth up until the end where Mill Creek quickly scored a series of points. This gave them the edge in the set which resulted in a 25-19 win. The fourth set was Lambert’s last chance at hopes of advancing to the final four round, but the momentum built up by Mill Creek was to hard to overcome. Mill Creek scored quickly, forming an early lead. Things weren’t looking well for Lambert until they themselves started adding points to the scoreboard. The match was coming down to the wire as each team inched closer to that 25 point threshold. Unfortunately, Mill Creek got carried away and seemingly ripped away Lambert’s hope. They ended up winning the fourth and final set 25-17. In total, Lambert came away with only one set versus Mill Creek’s three sets which ultimately concluded Lambert’s season.


The Lambert Volleyball girl’s have nothing to feel but pride as they capped off a tremendous season filled with heart, determination, and camaraderie. They finished 2nd in their division with an overall record of 29-11 and a division record of 4-1. This outstanding record placed them as the 18th ranked team in Georgia. The season did have some minor ups and downs but overall they were a winning powerhouse. Now we can only wait to see what Coach Hall brings to the table with a lot of great players returning.

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