Suhayb Nijim: Gym Transformation Over the Pandemic

Photo of Lifetime Fitness, Suhayb’s gym. Photo taken in September 2013 by LifeTime.

Photo of Lifetime Fitness, Suhayb’s gym. Photo taken in September 2013 by LifeTime.

Suhayb Nijim had a sudden idea to get into the idea of wellness and fitness. The Lambert senior, who weighed about 150 pounds, made the decision to improve both his physical appearance and his way of life.

“My goal is to show off my hard work by taking my shirt off,” Nijim said. 

He wants to exemplify that, with hard work, you can make improvements to lifestyle. Given that his typical meals used to consist of fast food sandwiches, fries and sugary drinks, Nijim admits that his current diet is “not as pleasant as it used to be.” He now eats scrambled eggs with turkey for breakfast, and chicken or fish for lunch. He elaborates that his strict diet helps him grow his muscle mass because of the high protein intake.

“Stretching is the key. When I start my compound lifts I always remember to stretch.” Nijim stated.

Nijim claims that, during the pandemic he dialed in his training, putting emphasis on stretching and yoga in addition to his weight training, which resulted in a more thoughtful approach to his lifting sessions. He was able to increase his weight from 150 pounds to 175 pounds in 1 years while becoming leaner thanks to his new training method and work ethic.

 It takes time to change your lifestyle, health and body, especially if you’re doing it sustainably and healthily. If you’re persistent, a year can be loaded with results on your physical body and emotional wellbeing.

Given the significant transformation he has undergone, his commitment and hard work is evident and he found new confidence within himself. This new confidence ignited his ambition  to pursue a future in bodybuilding. Suhayb followed a strict diet, but what is impactful for him may not be impactful for another because every body is different. 

Follow his fitness journey via his fitness page on instagram (raw_nijim).