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This picture was taken with different handwritings at Lambert.

Redefining Normal

Christine Park, Emma Bryant, and Skylar Aledia February 23, 2017

The definition of redefining is to define again, to reformulate. Each individual has a different definition of “normal” based on their own experiences and passions. Lambert is a meeting place of many...

Hayley Franco, a junior at Lambert High School, views the concept of assimilation in an optimistic light due to her grandmother's prior adversities.

Humans of Lambert

Cayla Vanderzanden, Opinion Editor January 23, 2017

Assimilation: the process by which a minority integrates socially, culturally, or politically into a larger, dominant culture and society. It is often used to reference to immigrants and ethnic groups...

Photo by Trocaire, published on June 25, 2013, Some rights reserved, license link:, original link to work:

Young Syrian immigrants hold up a peace sign.

Benefits and setbacks of Syrian refugees in Germany

Allie Tatoy, Staff Writer January 19, 2017

In September of 2015, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel invited Syrian refugees to seek asylum in Germany. By late 2016, nearly 600,000 of these refugees had entered Germany to escape the Civil War...

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