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Change Earth: Lambert Environmental Club 

Emily Weimer, Features Staff March 16, 2020

Change Earth is a Lambert environmental club with the purpose of convincing students to implement eco-friendly habits in their life to impact the environment. This club promotes actions over thoughts....

Photo by Shannon Patrick , Published February 16, 2013 , Link to license: , Link to original work: , The Keystone Pipeline has suffered from several oil spills since its establishment.

Five Things Friday: from Singles’ Day to Keystone Pipeline

Berry Choi, Staff Writer November 17, 2017

11/11/17: Alibaba’s Singles’ Day breaks global record Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company, generated $25 Billion in sales during their annual Singles’ Day sale on 11/11. With shoppers from over...

A typical meal available at Lambert on top of a polystyrene tray used by the school.

Lambert’s Environmental Footprint

Christina Renzetti, Staff Writer September 20, 2017

Students flood into Lambert's cafeteria and form into lunch lines as servers quickly grab tray after tray to place hot food on. After one use, trays and any leftover food are thrown away by students. Dozens...

Protesters stand in front of the US bank with a sign displaying their discontent for the pipeline in South Minneapolis.

Dakota Access Pipeline

Zain Hyath, Staff Writer December 6, 2016

The Dakota Access Pipeline project is an approximate 1,172-mile and 30-inch diameter pipeline that will run through four states (Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota) that began construction in...

Riobamba possesses the most unimaginable sights, most adorable animals, and loving people. Flor was the name of our local tour guide; she welcomed us into her home, took us on nature walks, and fed us cultural food, like guinea pig, which is a delicacy there.

Experience Ecuador and the Galapagos

Emma Bryant, Staff Writer October 7, 2016


Tian exposes the devastating effects of IUU fishing on the world's marine life through artistic expression

Bled Out Depths

Stephanie Tian, Student Submission January 25, 2016

"IUU fishing is a problem not many people know about or find important, but after exploring the topic in depth, I have found the potential disaster an illegal fishing vessel could create for both the environment...

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