Change Earth: Lambert Environmental Club 

Change Earth is a Lambert environmental club with the purpose of convincing students to implement eco-friendly habits in their life to impact the environment.

This club promotes actions over thoughts. People post on Instagram about the Australian wildfires and mourn over the loss of human and animal life, yet do not take the initiative to prevent fires or help the environment. Change Earth’s President, Leeanne Bahn, created this club as an opportunity for students to become educated on environmental issues and to urge people to become green. Change Earth wants to address the “What are you going to do to help?” instead of “What can I post to look good on social media?”

Due to Greta Thunberg’s (a teenage environmental activist) powerful speeches that brought awareness to environmental issues, Leeanne became aware of climate change’s damage and how the food industry is complicit in it. She felt guilty of her contribution to global warming by eating meat and wanted to bring her knowledge to our generation so that they would not make the same mistake as previous generations. She stated that her motivation is caused by Greta Thunberg’s leadership and educating herself.

“As a part of the younger generation, I was inspired by Greta Thunberg and her philosophies surrounding climate change. I wanted to try to bring that more into my life and share my knowledge with others,” Leeanne explained.

Change Earth has helped our community in various ways. In the first semester of school, they organized a clean-up event at the Old Atlanta Park Recreation Center. The event was a service opportunity and informational meeting. Trash was picked up to turn the community green and participants were educated on topics such as electric cars, the correct way to recycle, and the food industry’s impact. An upcoming service project is the Crayola drive, where old markers will be collected and shipped to Crayola to refill with ink and be redistributed. After spring break, the club is hoping to go to a farmer’s market and make environmentally friendly soap. If they gain any profits from organic soap, the money would be donated to combat the Australian wildfires. An upcoming goal is for Change Earth to spread to other schools and make an impact on a national level. 

Students can join Change Earth by coming to Mrs. Langley’s room in 1814 on the second Wednesday of every month, or contact one of the leaders of the club such as Leeanne Bahn or Elexa Bonafede who runs Change Earth’s social media. 

Change Earth hopes to educate people and bring change to the old-fashioned, damaging lifestyle students have that contribute to environmental issues.