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Massive Fire Engulfs Atlanta Apartment Complex

Bird’s eye view of apartment complex fire on 517 Main street in Atlanta GA.
September 2, 2020

During the late afternoon on August 19th, 2020, a massive fire uproared in a four-story apartment complex located near Lindbergh’s MARTA station on 517 Main Street in Atlanta Georgia.  After a whopping...

All About the Fires in Australia and How You Can Help

All About the Fires in Australia and How You Can Help
January 15, 2020

Australian forests have been burning since the middle of November, and this burning has led to the loss of a high amount of Australian wildlife. Many Hollywood stars have spoken up about the issue, and...

California wildfire causes chaos

California wildfires continue to destory massive forests.
September 18, 2015

A vicious wild fire was initiated on Saturday afternoon due to California’s long term drought. The wildfire demolished over a hundred buildings and continues to rapidly progress. The citizens remain...

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