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The Capitol Building is where Congress meets and where most Presidents have been sworn in. Since Ronald Reagan's inauguration, all following ones have been held on the western front of the building, whereas all prior ones have been held on the eastern front. Trump was sworn in at the western front of the Capitol on Jan. 20.

New era of Trump dawns

Hannah Kim, Senior Editor January 25, 2017

The nation witnessed President-elect Donald Trump be sworn into the highest position of power on Jan.20. His inaugural address was the capstone of his election platform. Though American citizens have...

Collin McCormick, a senior at Lambert, along with other students share their torn opinions about the end of Obama's presidency.

Students say, “Farewell, Obama”

Ansley Mitchell, Staff Writer January 20, 2017

Americans have voiced their opinions throughout Barrack Obama's presidency, but as Obama has exited the office, these opinions have become more verbose and intense. The halls of Lambert were a perfect...

During 2012, Obama ran for, and won, the Presidential election for the second time.

Barack Obama’s legacy of changes as President of the United States

Quinn Forney, Features Editor January 20, 2017

Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the United States, held office for two terms filled with political, economic, and military turmoil. During these eight years, Obama changed the nation....

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