Students say, “Farewell, Obama”


Collin McCormick, a senior at Lambert, along with other students share their torn opinions about the end of Obama’s presidency.

Americans have voiced their opinions throughout Barrack Obama’s presidency, but as Obama has exited the office, these opinions have become more verbose and intense. The halls of Lambert were a perfect place to hear some of these opinions. As Obama says farewell to the country, Lambert students also say, “Farewell, Obama.”

Ansley Mitchell

Alli Hiller, a senior, was fairly critical in her farewell. She said, “Now our entire country is fighting and is dividing. Our crime rates are high, and terrorist attacks have occurred on our own soil more than ever. But thanks, Obama, for leading our country these past [eight] years.”

Contrary to Hiller’s views on Obama, Tae Kim, a senior at Lambert, truly admires Obama and everything he did for the country during his presidency. When asked to say farewell, he said, “Thank you for being the best president the United States has ever had. No one can replace you, especially not Trump. I’ll miss you.”

Stephanie Park, also an avid fan of Obama’s and a senior at Lambert, had a lot to say to Obama: “Dear Mr. Barack Obama, thank you for your service the past eight years. Thank you for showing this country what unity really means along with saving this country from one of the worst financial crisis ever since the Great Depression. Thank you for relentlessly advocating for human and women’s rights and demonstrating selfless love and passion in everything you’ve done. Thank you for all the good changes you’ve brought to this country. I am more than proud to have called you my president for the past eight years. I wish you and your family nothing but love and blessings.

Ansley Mitchell

Overall, Jose Moreno, a junior, had the most neutral response, representing the vast majority of the country. He said, “Hey Obama, I have mixed feelings toward you. I like you as a person, and I admire your character. Your values are noble, and you are a very caring person who had a genuine interest in the well being of people. You also were courageous by taking different approaches to things. However, you could have done things better or different from a political standpoint. Some of your choices led to big mistakes, but you also did a lot of great things for the country. You can leave the office knowing the country is stable.”

Obama’s presidential term has come to an end. “He was a major cultural icon to many [Americans],” said Lambert senior Collin McCormick. Many are grieved to see him go, but there are also many who are happy to say goodbye. Either way, the people of the United States must bid farewell to Obama and welcome Donald Trump to his new presidency.