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Artificial intelligence will (not) end the world

Photo by Many Wonderful Artists, published on June 6, 2017, Public domain, license link:, link to original work:
September 15, 2017

Perhaps saying that humanity has taken a liking with seeing the end of the world is not the best way to put its fascination for dystopian societies, post-apocalyptic scenarios, or doomsday events into...

Loans designed to fail?

Loans designed to fail?
May 1, 2017

College is coming up for our seniors and money is most people's main concern– and for a lot of people, it is the deciding factor. About 44.2 million people are in debt from student loans right now...

The life of an older sibling

although babysitting can sometimes be a pain, those smiling faces make it all worth it (but some cash would make it even better).
October 27, 2015

Being the oldest has its advantages, but it definitely has its disadvantages. Being a full-time, live-in, babysitter is a prime example. Most older siblings don’t mind watching their younger sibling(s)...

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