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Photo by Natalie Fultz, Taken on May 9, 2019, Some Rights Reserved,

Is Lake Lanier Haunted?

SASHA LOOBY, Senior Editor April 27, 2021

Spanning 39,000 acres and occupying 692 miles of shoreline, Lake Lanier is the largest lake in Georgia. It is a manmade lake in northern Georgia that was created in 1956 upon the completion of the Buford...

The number of droughts in Georgia has increased over the past century, which some say is tied to the possibility of climate change. Pressure on Georgia's water usage from surrounding states has made the addressing of our water problems crucial.

Drought continues to plague Georgia, causes political rifts over water rights

Quinn Forney, Features Editor February 9, 2017

Georgia was declared to be in a level one drought in September 2016, which has only gotten worse from there. In November of 2016, a level two drought was declared in many northern counties, coinciding...

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