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OP-ED: Was I supposed to learn something in high school?

Local senior reflects on the lessons he took away from high school.

Riley Findley, Opinions Editor

November 11, 2015

When I entered high school four years ago, I expected the greatest challenge that I had faced thus far. Throughout my freshmen year I waited cautiously for the difficulty spike to rise from the mediocre levels that I had experienced in middle school. I feared that my social life was over, that I might...

Teenagers vs cats

The correlation between teens and cats are depicted through Kathryn Raynor's comic. Maybe humans and felines aren't so different after all.

Kathryn Raynor, Resident Artist

October 28, 2015

Study finds that students quit band when they discover music streaming

Former, accomplished musician quits in order to do nothing.

Riley Findley, Opinions Editor

October 27, 2015

Noting that participation in marching band has fallen significantly in upperclassmen, a study published by the Red Onion has found that interest in marching band continues to decline as more teenagers discover Spotify. According to the study, many students were in marching band purely to listen to the...

Gay Straight Alliance rebooted at Lambert

This flag is used as a representation of the community present at GSA.

Riley Findley, Opinions Editor

October 27, 2015

The Lambert GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) has technically existed for years. A charter, a necessity to start a club here at school, sponsored by a faculty member, already was filed and listed on the school website. GSA had been active here for over a year but fell apart. The former President left high...

OP-ED: Off with tradition’s head

Student, Sam Waters, stands in the halls of Lambert with confidence in her talking points.

Samantha Waters, Student Submission

October 19, 2015

It’s not surprising that a nation built under the principle of “all MEN are created equal” would discriminate against women.  In today’s society the traditional roles, values, and thoughts placed upon women from prehistoric times still play a central part in the inequality women consistently...