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The original Belmont Mansion was constructed for Adelicia Acklen and her husband, Joseph, As a summer home away from their Louisiana roots. At the time they were one of the richest families in the United States; though, their wealth did not spare them from Union Army occupation of the mansion proceeding the battle of Nashville in the Civil War. Today, the mansion is open for tours, with several of the rooms restored to their original brilliance.

Discover Nashville

Morgan Wood, Social Media Editor October 17, 2017

The city of Nashville, Tennessee, is renowned as a home to country music, southern hospitality, and acclaimed universities. From the streets lined with honky tonks each echoing their own live music...

Nestled right in the middle of 12 South, this streetscape has been transformed by art, and by the occasional passersby who stop for the perfect Instagram shot.

Roaming the pulse of Tennessee’s heartbeat: Nashville

October 6, 2016

Sing. Dance. Smile. If you don't know already, Nashville is a culture of its own. You will be taken back by the diverse music scene, the endless amount of activities, and...

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