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The student news site of Lambert High School

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The student news site of Lambert High School

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Over 10% of children age 5-12 have been diagnosed with ADHD

An epidemic of unbelievable proportions

Bryan McKnight, staff writer December 6, 2016

It’s undeniable. Politically correct culture dominates modern American Society. It seems these days that nearly everyone has something that makes them “different” from everybody else. Suggesting...

Contributor Evie Lawson has beliefs that she feels a need to share.

OP-ED: 1,414

Evie Lawson January 27, 2016

Ah, America. The only place where poverty level income exceeds twenty-thousand bucks, congress must grant your given rights to you, and response to killing is simply to fight fire with fire. In this backwards-upside...

Trinity Martinez, Lambert High School junior

OP-ED: Finding Compassion

Trinity Martinez January 25, 2016

“Where is God in our society? Where is He in our lives?” This question posed by the priest serving mass at St. Brendan’s on Saturday. Some might answer, “Well of course he’s asking that! He’s...

OP-ED: Phones are phoney

OP-ED: Phones are phoney

Emma Cave November 30, 2015

When asked whether I would rather be blind or deaf, I always choose blind. I could never live without being able to fully experience live music again. In fact, some of my favorite memories are at concerts....

Young girl calls for unity in the face of elections.

OP-ED: Unity in diversity

Natasha Ramaswamy November 11, 2015

Each year, in history class, we as students learn about the history of our nation. Throughout the year, we concentrate and listen with pride as we grasp how our country achieved greatness. There is, however,...

Teen shares insightful opinions on life versus death.

OP-ED: Notes on insanity

Cameron Reaves November 11, 2015

The trash tossed away unwanted, to fester in a junk-pile for the rest of eternity, cries for a savior. Yearning, it sits solemnly. Sobbing, it blasphemies a God. Dreaming, it accepts fate. Slowly, it succumbs...

Junior, Nick, in the Lambert gym.

OP-ED: Love Won, Now Quit Whining About It

Nick Schwarzmann November 4, 2015

“God hates fags!” “Homosexuals are possessed by demons”. “God Abhors You”. These terms are seen a dime a dozen at anti-gay rallies, government hearings regarding gay marriage, and gay...

Student, Sam Waters, stands in the halls of Lambert with confidence in her talking points.

OP-ED: Off with tradition’s head

Samantha Waters, Student Submission October 19, 2015

It’s not surprising that a nation built under the principle of “all MEN are created equal” would discriminate against women.  In today’s society the traditional roles, values, and thoughts placed...

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