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The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

Sheryl Tan at Rice University in Houston, Texas on December 24, 2021. Taken by her mom.

The Trials and Tribulations of Applying to Colleges

Hannah Kenyon, Features Editor March 28, 2022

For some, college is a culmination of all their hard work in their educational career. For others, college is merely furthering their education. In sight of Lambert’s highly competitive reputation, especially...

Picture taken by Lizzie Viggiano on February 10, 2011, all rights reserved

How Much School is Too Much School?

Jimena Ruano, Editor-in-Chief February 26, 2021

One thing that stays constant in the life of a student is schoolwork.  Ever since elementary school, school work has been a part of the lives of students all over the world; as our education progresses,...

Photo by Leopoldo Macaya, taken on February 13, 2012, All rights reserved,

A Culture of Stress

SASHA LOOBY, Senior Editor November 9, 2020

The media romanticizes a stressful life. Society praises students pulling all-nighters to crank out homework or adults burning the midnight oil to abide by a work deadline. Is it necessary to expose ourselves...

Sadness is Badness – How to Reduce Stress

Prateek Yadav, Opinion Staff February 12, 2020

Let’s face it. You’re stressed. I’m stressed, he’s stressed, she’s stressed, we’re all stressed. Stress is sadness and sadness is badness.   Here are some of the ways I deal with...

Fighting Social Isolation This Week: Knowing When to Back Off

Fighting Social Isolation This Week: Knowing When to Back Off

Ananya Mehta, Staff Writer March 16, 2018

Everyone needs a break from daily stress, and sometimes that requires a moment of solitude. In attempting to make a friend, one must be careful to acknowledge and respect social cues that showcase the...

Studying requires a lot of concentration and effort, having the right materials will increase your productivity in preparation for midterms.

Coping With Midterms and Stress

Andrew Hampton, Staff writer November 30, 2017

Over 3.4% of adults in the world experience Trichotillomania, however, it is often misdiagnosed or unrecognized.

Trichotillomania: every day is a bad hair day

Thia Haney, Staff Writer November 16, 2017

For most people with trichotillomania, they can pinpoint the moment that unearthed the following years of internal struggle. In my case, I can trace it back to the third grade, when I was eight years...

At what grade are you failing your personal educational goals?

26.7% of Lambert’s Students could Succumb to Failure

Morgan Quach, Staff Writer August 31, 2017

While stuck in the American school system, students have defined the term “failure” to fit within their own lives. Whether their definition of the word symbolizes a grade percentage or an overall sense...

One of many extracurricular activities at Lambert, cheerleaders spend their Friday nights at football games, and have regular practices throughout the week.

Battling with extracurricular activities

Christine Park, Staff Writer December 8, 2016

Homework, extracurricular activities, all-nighters, and stress - that sums up the life of a high school student as they strive to meet their parents' expectations. Keeping up with school and extracurriculars...

The Cycle of Procrastination

The Cycle of Procrastination

Sarah Sander, Resident Artist November 10, 2016

This is the procrastinator's cycle of working on school projects.

Juggling sports and school is more than a full-time job.

Under Pressure: Insight into the life of a student athlete

Skylar Aledia, Staff Writer October 24, 2016

Consider the label "student athlete" and think about what that means. In Hollywood, jocks are portrayed as the popular kids with little intellectual capacity and only concerned with  winning their...

A drawback to stress

A drawback to stress

Kathryn Raynor, Resident Artist May 12, 2016

Stress affects everyone differently. For some, it may cause them to lash out at those around them, or perhaps it may cause them shut off all connections to their friends and family. It may cause them...

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