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Riverdale: Episode 7 Recap

Aniket Adhikari, News Editor December 5, 2017

Riverdale is back after Thanksgiving break with an updated format and even higher stakes. The Black Hood killer is testing the people of Riverdale: if he deems them to be reformed and noble, he will stop...

Jughead and Archie face off against rival gang in last weeks episode.

Riverdale: Episode Six Recap

Avery Ketcherside, Social Media Editor November 27, 2017

While the beginning of season two was questionable, if Riverdale continues on this path of a modern, juvenile take on the “wrong side of the tracks” archetype, it’s safe to say season two will be...

Dyanmic Duo, Betty and Jughead, stay strong despite the plethora of issues that seem to constantly arise.

Riverdale season 2, episode 3 recap

Cayla Vanderzanden, Senior Editor November 3, 2017

Yet again, CW’s newest hit show, Riverdale, stirred up some unfathomable drama with the third episode of the second season. The end of last week’s episode shocked viewers with Moose and Midge’s terrifying...

The cast of

‘The Walking Dead’ season 6 success so far

Jessica Borla, Advertising Lead October 20, 2015

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