Riverdale: Episode Six Recap


Ananya Mehta

Jughead and Archie face off against rival gang in last weeks episode.

While the beginning of season two was questionable, if Riverdale continues on this path of a modern, juvenile take on the “wrong side of the tracks” archetype, it’s safe to say season two will be an overall crowd-pleaser. Before we dive back into the world of Riverdale this week, how ‘bout we take some time to dissect the previous episode: Death Proof.

Death Proof opens up in the classic “Jughead metaphorically narrates the towns’ events” type of way.  Jughead is typing away on his laptop in his trailer when Toni Topaz walks around the corner and asks Jughead if he wants to eat, which is a no-brainier for him and then they precede to leave, leaving viewers to infer Toni slept over the night before. The scene cuts to Betty sprinting to find Nick St. Clair, whom she thought had been murdered at the hand of the Black Hood because his name was the one she gave at the end of episode five, in a test to prove her loyalty to the Black Hood. Besides a few bruises and scrapes he received from the justifiable beating from Veronica and the Pussy Cats after he tried to rape Cheryl Blossom, St. Claire will be fine. 

Episode six really highlights the effects of sexual assault and various reactions both victims and their families have. Mrs. Blossom insists on keeping the whole event quiet after her silence had been bought from the St. Clair family but, in an emotionally vulnerable conversation with her daughter, she throws the check in the fire. The Lodges take a more extreme approach to dealing with sexual predators and instead of receiving revenge in the courtroom, they earn revenge after landing him in the hospital after an “accidental” car wreck.

Betty continues her contact with the Black Hood and fulfilling the duties he subscribes to her. His main objective in this episode is to find the infamous “Sugar Man”  who is in charge of the dealings with the popular glitter drug, Jingle Jangle.  Betty, through low-key integration, eventually gets the name of the drug dealer through Cheryl, who says he was a made-up character used to scare her and Jason as kids but, discovers he was a business partner to her father and is in fact the English teacher at Southside High. Instead of giving the Sugar Man to the Black Hood, Betty prints her own article covering his dealings, which leads to his arrest.

Betty and Veronica finally make up in this episode after Betty reveals why she had to cut her out of her life. They rekindle the dynamic duo and even tag-team to figure out who the dreaded Sugar Man is.  Betty also apologizes to Jughead and does tell him why she had to break up with him, though the viewers do not get to see the actual conversation. Seeing how Toni shut things down pretty quick between her and Jug, we can assume Bughead will stay together for a while, if not till the end of the season.

Episode six publicized a good ole’ drag race between the gangs and it did deliver, in some shape or form. In an attempt to stop the arrests at the South Side and keep the peace, Jughead and Archie go to Jug’s dad to hatch a plan to stop the corruption of Tall Boy and the in infiltration of the Ghoulies. FP Jones goes with the obvious solution of having a drag race to settle things. Jughead and Archie take his advice and challenge the Ghoulies to a race, however the race ends with no winner and the Ghoulies are taken to jail after being ambushed by the police, whom Archie called.

Besides the empty threats given by Betty to the Black Hood and the continuing plot holes, Death Proof was probably one of the stronger episodes of the season. All in all, season two of Riverdale seems promising and gives fans something to theorize about.