The Lambert Post

Not A Typical Show

Emily Weimer, Features Staff

December 5, 2019

Atypical is a Netflix original show which debuted its third season on November 1st, 2019, about how being normal is overrated and how it features LGBTQ+ representation.   The series Atypical is about a teenager, Sam, who’s a nineteen-year-old on the spectrum, and his erratic journey throu...

One Act Show Competition

Chaney Duskin, Sports and Entertainment Editor

October 24, 2019

The acting troupe of Lambert is putting on their one-act show of "She Loves Me" on October 26 at Milton High school. They are competing against South Forsyth, North Forsyth, West Forsyth, and Milton. The Acting Troupe of Lambert won last year with their production of "Fiddler on The Roof," and they hope to ...

Riverdale: Episode Six Recap

Jughead and Archie face off against rival gang in last weeks episode.

Avery Ketcherside, Social Media Editor

November 27, 2017

While the beginning of season two was questionable, if Riverdale continues on this path of a modern, juvenile take on the “wrong side of the tracks” archetype, it’s safe to say season two will be an overall crowd-pleaser. Before we dive back into the world of Riverdale this week, how ‘bout we take ...

More than a comedy

Ansley Mitchell watches the heart-wrenching tale of Bojack Horseman

Bryan McKnight, staff writer

March 3, 2017

Everybody has that one show that they just love to go back and watch over and over again. For me that show is Bojack Horseman, a so called “comedy” about a washed up sitcom actor, who just so happens to be a horse. I know that sounds weird, but in this cinematic universe the animals talk and act...