One Act Show Competition

The acting troupe of Lambert is putting on their one-act show of “She Loves Me” on October 26 at Milton High school. They are competing against South Forsyth, North Forsyth, West Forsyth, and Milton. The Acting Troupe of Lambert won last year with their production of “Fiddler on The Roof,” and they hope to win again this year. The show will last 55 minutes since its a shortened down version of their production “She Loves Me.”

The actors and actresses that are competing are the same ones that performed in the earlier production. The cast is keeping their costumes, props, and even the original setting of “She Loves Me.” In addition to that, they are also keeping the same storyline of two co-workers who are unknowingly penpals that happened to fall in love. The actors and actresses are very excited to get the opportunity to compete against other schools in Forsyth County.

Despite the hard work and long nights, the crew is looking forward to competing. “Overall it has been an enjoyable process, working with the cast and just getting ready for the competition,” says stage manager Michaela Nesbit, a Junior at Lambert High. 

After the original production of “She Loves Me,” the cast started to work even harder to reduce the showdown to 55 minutes. With extra tech weeks and long nights, the cast is confident they will put on a fantastic show for the judges and hopefully win the competition. 

The crew has worked very hard to prepare for this competition and hope to beat other Forsyth schools. The Lambert Post encourages students to support this fantastic production.