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Summer Work

Summer Work

Sarah Sander, Resident Artist

May 9, 2017

Summer break is just around the bend. Everybody can finally breathe now that they're free from the stress of school... or so they think. Right before the final bell rings on the last day of school, the infamous words are uttered: "Have a good summer; don't forget to do the summer work for next year!"

April in Atlanta

A young girl holds tickets to spend on activities at the Dogwood festival.

Eric Kim, Staff Writer

March 31, 2017

It's April already, and along with the month of spring comes a myriad of activities to do in Atlanta: Atlanta city Pass- For only $75 you can purchase a ticket to tour the five most popular Atlanta attractions.  The pass includes a ticket to, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Zoo or Center for Civil and...

Time flies on Captiva Island

Being on an island is like being in a whole other world, Captiva Island especially. The island has a magical and relaxing feel to it and is known for its gorgeous beaches as well as places like The Mucky Duck and The Bubble Room. Once you reach Captiva, you are on something known as island time. 
Island time is the idea that when you’re on an island time passes differently than it does day to day. No work, no stress, just sunsets and sunburns. When I was there, I woke up at 9 maybe 8 a.m. at the earliest and didn’t leave the complex I was staying at usually till after lunch. I took stereotypical long walks on the beach with my phone in hand capturing the island.

Emma North, Photography Editor

November 29, 2016


Wand-ering through Harry Potter world

Passengers waiting to board the Hogwarts Express.

Elizabeth Findley, Staff Writer

October 20, 2015

Harry Potter: the name is recognizable amongst everyone. The popular series has gained fans of all different kinds of backgrounds and has seemingly defined a generation because of the beloved tale featuring universal themes everyone can connect to, such as family, friendship, and the importance of love....