Girls Swim Team Finals

Christopher Findley, Opinions Editor

The Lambert Girls Swim Team will be facing the Brookwood Girls Swim Team this weekend. Lambert swim team in general has been the county champions for the past six years, though for the past two years Lambert Girls has won the state finals, becoming a swimming powerhouse in its own. The winning streak has been credited to the establishment of an elite group called the Class AAAAA Girls, which consistently is able to perform well due to the attention to selection it receives.
The state finals are fast approaching though, with tonight being the night of preliminaries at Georgia Tech, with the state finals following on the subsequent day. If the past two years are any sort of indication, the Lady Longhorns will take home another win. Emilia Rittenbach, Junior, says in regards to the “Lambert vs. Brookwood State Championship for Girls this weekend [they] have to work hard.” It certainly appears that the past victories aren’t letting the athletes become overconfident in their abilities.