Greatest Powerball in history comes to a close


Maxppp via France Bleu

The original Powerball boards that list the winning amounts only portrayed dollars in millions. Many of the automatic boards were updated with a “B” sticker to say “billion” for this record-breaking high.

2016 kicked off with hopeful hearts… not because of New Years’ resolutions, but because of the largest Powerball in history, reaching $1.6 billion in winnings. After 19 unsuccessful drawings, the lottery jackpot kept stacking up. All of a sudden, even the most doubtful of people had a sense of anticipation wash over them; the amount of lottery tickets typically purchased by Americans skyrocketed. This country was a fool’s paradise with everyone dreaming left and right: “What would I do if I became a billionaire?”

Unfortunately, for most people, their faith died at 11 pm on January 13th when the winning draw was revealed. The prize was split between three winners from the states of California, Florida, and Tennessee. All three have decided to remain anonymous. No random strangers knocking on their doors asking for either of their $187.2 million achievements!

Even though the Powerball is back down to $40 million, winning the lottery at any amount is amazing. Also, the lottery supports the Georgia HOPE Scholarship and student very much appreciate all that goes into, so do not give up. Keep trying!