Indian Cultural Society

A picture of the Indian Cultural Society members at Diwali Mela, Courtesy of Riya Shah.

Riya Shah

A picture of the Indian Cultural Society members at Diwali Mela, Courtesy of Riya Shah.

Walking down the hallways of Lambert, you are bound to see a diverse group of students socializing and attending classes; their cultures are different, but still blend together. One club that focuses on the celebration of culture is the Indian Cultural Society, a club guided by the vision of embracing your own culture.

Riya Shah is the founder and president of the Indian Cultural Society. She started the club because she wanted to foster community and create a space where she could celebrate her culture.

“My overall goal is to really bring the culture out there and spread the Indian culture and to help everyone appreciate it and make it fun,” Shah said.

On October 20th, the Indian Cultural Society hosted a festival called Diwali Mela, in celebration of the holiday Diwali, otherwise known as The Festival of Lights. Over 350 people, including students and their families, attended the event. This accomplishment marked a huge milestone for the club and for the students at Lambert.

At Diwali Mela, the Indian Cultural Society set up a variety of different performances and activities for the guests. They had dance performances from students and classical singing, along with raffles for prizes such as airpods. Adults also came and set up jewelry stations where guests could buy traditional jewelry.

“I really saw how the community came together; it was over 300 people and everyone enjoyed it,” Shah said.

In the coming year, the Indian Cultural Society will continue to host events for club members and the public. They plan on hosting other big events this coming year, including Diwali Mela.