The Masks of Life: Saying Goodbye


photo ussed with permission by Jack via

Trees go through changes because even trees know that you have to let go sometime.

Saying goodbye is never easy and never fun; so why do we do it? Saying goodbye is a part of life. It’s something that everyone has to come to terms with and the sooner you do the better. Goodbye. It’s kind of a scary word. Goodbye implies that you’ll never see someone again, unless you don’t look at it that way. Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be scary, it shouldn’t be scary. It should indicate the start of a new beginning. Not everything, or everyone, that enters your life is meant to stay. Eventually you have to make room for the new things, or people, entering your life. When you let go of the old, it’s not sad, it’s refreshing. It is a growing experience for you and the person or thing you’re  letting go. When we breathe, we let off carbon dioxide, the plants take in the carbon dioxide and let off oxygen, which we then take in and the cycle continues. We need plants and plants need us. You never know when that person or thing that you let go could be greatly needed in someone else’ life. Just like a snake sheds its skin, you have to shed some things in your life. You can not grow and prosper through life if you hold on to too much of the past. You have to let go of  something in order to receive something. So say goodbye. It is not a bad thing, and yes it may be scary, but its necessary.