Welcome, Mrs. Cannizzaro

Lambert welcomes our new assistant principal; another excellent addition to our staff of more than 200

Jessica Borla, Copy Editor

There is a new face at Lambert High School. Mrs. Cannizzaro is the new assistant principal here at Lambert. She began teaching seventeen years ago, and she has also been an assistant principal in the past. “I taught high school math, mainly algebra and geometry,” Cannizzaro states. “Most recently, I was an assistant principal at South Forsyth High School for the last five years.” Mrs. Cannizzaro has taught not only in Forsyth County, but everywhere from Gwinnett and Dekalb counties.

At Lambert, we are all one big family, and so far, we students have given a warm welcome to our new assistant principal. “I love the students and I love the teachers. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming.” Mrs. Cannizzaro does not only see kindness throughout our school, but the school spirit we create as the Longhorn Nation seemed to be a unique part of our school to her. “The Lambert culture really stands out,” she says. “Every car you see in the county has Lambert stickers all over it.” She even sees the school pride in everyone, whether a high school, middle school, or elementary school student. She likes how the families and communities have embraced Lambert High School.

Overall, Mrs. Cannizzaro loves being an assistant principal. “My favorite part is visiting the classes and seeing the students engage.” This year, Cannizzaro is focusing on Career Tech and Fine Arts. She loves how in those classes, the students are always doing something hands on: from engineering classes making roller coasters out of cardboard, to the marketing classes on technology creating things and making presentations. If you ever see Mrs. Cannizzaro on campus, be sure to give a warm “hello” and get to know your new assistant principal.