Ten Things to do During the Holidays With Friends

The holidays are filled with joy. There are so many fun things to do during the holidays that you can’t enjoy during any other time of the year. A great way you can spend the holidays is with your friends, so here are some amazing activities you could do!

Ice skating

Ice skating is always fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a lake that has frozen over, or in an indoor ice skating rink. You may fall a lot, but ice skating is sure to give you and your friends a fun time and can turn into a great tradition to follow.

Building gingerbread houses

Building a gingerbread house can be fun because you and your friends can spend your time making an enchanting scene from scratch. You can get candies to really add to the scene and create a cute gingerbread family. 

  Have a Christmas movie marathon

Have a day where you and your friends watch Christmas classics. You can spend the day watching movies on Netflix. Elf and The Grinch are a few Christmas movies that you can view this holiday season.

  Holiday baking

Get creative with a basic roll of cookie dough by using whatever additional decorations you want like chocolate chips, marshmallows, sprinkles, and icing. You and your friends can make cookies that are shaped like Santa or a Christmas tree.

Have an Ugly sweater party

Ugly sweater parties have grown a lot over the years. During the holidays, you can buy the ugliest Christmas sweater and host a fun party. You and your group of friends can get together and laugh at each other and enjoy the holidays.

Have a secret Santa gift exchange

Secret Santa is when you and a group of friends randomly draw each other’s names and buy each other gifts. The identity of the gift giver remains a secret. It will not be revealed until after all of the presents are open.

Decorate a Christmas tree together 

You and your friends can spend the day decorating a tree with beautiful ornaments: it is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Pick a theme for the tree and layer the branches to make it really stand out.

Walk around the neighborhood and look at lights

Looking at the beautiful views with your friends is a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. Taking a stroll on a dark night with some hot chocolate to look at these festive lights can be a lot of fun. 

Go sledding

Sledding is a classic recreational activity that involves sliding down a snowy or icy hill on a sliding device. It may never snow in Georgia, but if it does, sledding is a great way to have fun with friends and get some fresh air. 

Sing along with Christmas songs

Whether you enjoy classic Christmas songs or more modern songs, you and your friends can sing along to some festive tunes. You can listen to songs like All I Want For Christmas Is You, Holly Jolly Christmas, or Last Christmas.

This time of year is the season to spend time with friends and family. With these fun suggestions, you definitely won’t be bored during winter break. These activities are a good way to make memories that last a long time.