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The Top 5  “Happy Tear Jerker” Holiday Gifts for 2020

The Top 5 “Happy Tear Jerker” Holiday Gifts for 2020

Avery Haney, News Editor December 21, 2020

As the final course of midterms lingers and the first semester of 2020 nears the end for high school and grade school students, there is only one tradition left for December...winter break! Kicking off...

Ten Things to do During the Holidays With Friends

Chaney Duskin December 6, 2019

The holidays are filled with joy. There are so many fun things to do during the holidays that you can't enjoy during any other time of the year. A great way you can spend the holidays is with your friends,...

Lambert student Grace Anderson posts a photo of a Lambert Dance Company performance in honor of National Dance Day.

How a national day becomes a national day

Allie Tatoy, Associate Editor October 3, 2017

The growth of social media has caused many new occurrences, such as increased communication. This communication can lead to the various absurd holidays we see posted on social media platforms such as Instagram...

white lights ruin the Christmas spirit

The lightmare before Christmas

Bryan McKnight, Staff Writer December 15, 2016

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to address a serious issue in American Society.  White Christmas lights have been flooding the streets and homes of the suburban populous for years...

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