The Top 5 “Happy Tear Jerker” Holiday Gifts for 2020

As the final course of midterms lingers and the first semester of 2020 nears the end for high school and grade school students, there is only one tradition left for December…winter break! Kicking off the holiday season, here’s the top five “big-ticket item” Christmas gifts on almost every teen’s wish list for the year 2020.

Hailey Bieber poses while taking a selfie in her new white knit SKIMS from the loungewear collection: Photo provided by Hailey Bieber. Some rights reserved to and


 Coming at number five is a clothing brand that has the Internet obsessed. Featured wearing the cute, new knit sets, celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Bieber take to social media to show off their new  SKIMS loungewear sets. The popular knit shorts rounded at $58 paired with a $52 knit tank top has been the fastest combo to sell out since the launch date. Coming in colors such as rose gold, base, brown, etc, these branded pieces will definitely add a little extra comfort to your closest.  After launching her new business endeavor late last year, Kim Kardashian wants to stress her mission, to provide the utmost amount of comfort and efficiency with her sculpted fit undergarment and loungewear clothing line to women worldwide. She is pleased to announce that SKIMS is now available for purchase at Nordstrom as well.

Oculus promotion photo for new virtual reality technological gadgets: Photo provided by Facebook Writer. Some rights reserved to

Joining the rise of innovation and technology improvement, virtual reality gear is still one of the most adored features of the video gaming industry. Available at stores such as Target, Oculus, a virtual reality company founded by Facebook has developed a second generation of virtual gear. With redesigned controls and promised “next level” hardware, the experience is said to be “out of this world”. At a starting price of $299, Oculus is eager for customers to delve into a whole new system of video game fun. 

Featuring the new “Nike Air Force 1 Shadows”: Photo provided by Nike. Some rights reserved to

As fashion trends from earlier decades have revisited the closets of 2020 teens, air force ones are no exception. First picking up trend in late 2019, the block sneakers remain one of the fastest-selling shoes to date this year. With new neon and beloved “oldie” designs, Nike is proud to present a new collection of sneakers to splurge on! Whether a customer prefers low top or high top, the predominantly shoe cultivated company has all preferences covered. Landing at around $110, sales report that the multi-colored, pastel “Nike Air Force 1 Shadows” and the “Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LV8” are sure crowd favorites.

A promotional ad representing the four new colors available for the Nintendo Switch Lite: Photo provided by Robert Anderson. Some rights reserved to

As the pandemic continues to uphold throughout the United States, entertainment devices such as the Nintendo Switch have gained quite a following this year. Along with new games circulating the stores, a Nintendo Switch Lite option has now joined the original device as well. Dedicated to hand-held play, the new gaming source offers personalized colors such as yellow, red, gray, and turquoise to brighten up your experience. According to the Nintendo official website, pricing starts at $199.99 and will be available at multiple locations and companies soon. Happy gaming!

A close up view of the new iPhone 12 pro in the shade “Pacific Blue”: Photo provided by Apple. Some rights reserved to
  1. iPhone 12

Not disappointing in the year 2020, Apple, as promised, has come out with yet another iPhone design. Complete with a bionic chip, new Pro camera system (including  3 different cameras), and many other accommodating features, the newest Apple device is seen marketed across multiple social media platforms. At $699 for the iPhone 12 and $999 for the iPhone 12 Pro, the pricey trinket is awed by many. Available at all Apple Stores, the device is hot on the market and going quick this season! 

There we have it… the biggest items dominating stores this year! From new technology to comfy clothes, 2020 has been filled with incredible new designs and products for the community to enjoy! With the new year on the horizon, these items were sure to have made this year as enjoyable and memorable as possible! Here’s to the future!