A Review of BROCKHAMPTON’s New Album

Everyone’s favorite boy band, BROCKHAMPTON, has released their sixth project, Ginger, and while the group continues their winning streak, this project has a few rougher spots than usual.

The first three tracks are perfect. The production, vocal performances, lyrics, beats, flows, and ideas are some of the best that BROCKHAMPTON has ever put out. The subtle nature of the guitars in “NO HALO” are a refreshing change from the band’s usual bombastic synths; the hook of “SUGAR” will have you singing along the second it starts; “BOY BYE” is a whirlwind of sinister intentions and mystery. The first interlude also keeps up a generally good tone, with great performances and amazing production, and works well to provide a transition to the songs after it. 

“ST. PERCY” works as one of the hype tracks that are present on each BROCKHAMPTON album. The song falls a bit flat largely due to what I know the band has the capability to produce: tracks they have done before like “HEAT”, or “STAR” have much catchier choruses and verses and have similar ideas: all three tracks mentioned have prominent usage of some sort of horn, and aggressive braggadocious lyrics. The next track, “IF YOU PRAY RIGHT”, has a cool horn sample and has decent synth leads that add flavor and variety with a catchy chorus. The verses, however, are not much to write home about, and, once again, they have done many other brag tracks that serve to hype the listener up much better. The song “DEARLY DEPARTED” is a beautiful reflection on the circumstances that caused them to kick off Ameer Vann, a former prominent band member and one of the best moments on the record (read more on the situation here). The song that follows, “I BEEN BORN AGAIN”, is another energetic song that, while serviceable, cannot compare to older tracks like “GUMMY” and “JUNKY” which execute the same energetic song archetype much better.

The title track is where things pick up a little, with a catchy chorus, unique vocals, and a style switch-up that works well for BROCKHAMPTON. This song and the one after it work largely because they have an originality and a fresh sound to them that spare them from feeling too familiar, and as if they have already been done before. 

The last two tracks tie the album together and are some of the better tracks on the album, once more following the trend of having more original ideas that help make them feel unique.

The shadow that their previous projects have cast has made this project harder to appreciate. While the album is still enjoyable, every song off their previous attempts could have been a single; that is just not the case for this album. Some songs are clearly better than others. I’d give it a 8/10.