A Report on Lambert Students’ Thoughts on School Food

The food served here at Lambert High School has always been a topic of discussion. Generally, the food gets the stereotype of not being the greatest due to speculations made by many students here at Lambert high school. But a questionnaire was formed to see if the food lives up to its reputation. Several students were asked their opinion on the menu here at Lambert.


“Usually, they always sell the same thing every day, but I usually get either a chicken sandwich or a burger, and, uh, yeah, it’s pretty good,” said Anthony LaRocca, a senior at Lambert.


Anthony said he does not enjoy much else that is offered. His position represented about half of the students that were asked. They all usually get school lunch every day, but they do not love the food; they are fine with eating it because they have nothing else to eat.


“[The food is] pretty good considering that it is school lunch. It could be a lot worse,” said Livi Wold, a sophomore at Lambert High School.


Livi’s thoughts blended in with those that usually bring their lunch to school. They do not hate it because they are okay with eating school lunch every once in a while. Both of the students mentioned did not suggest adding anything new, seeing as they already have a pretty good variety of foods. Instead, they suggested an overall improvement of the meals (fresher meat, bread, cookies, etc.). Students also wanted to see better snack options, preferably less healthy ones.

Overall, the student body had mixed feelings on the school food.