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Behind the scene of 2018’s prom

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Justin Gibbs-Poe

Justin Gibbs-Poe

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The legendary American tradition known as prom is intended to be a night for seniors and juniors to take pictures, dance, and have a good time. Short for promenade, prom started in the 1940’s and has continued to evolve well into the 21st century.  Externally, modern prom has consistedof finding the right outfit, the right after-party, the right place to eat and so on. On the flip side, prom needs a dedicated and hardworking team to put the dance together.

In an interview with the prom committee’s adviser, Jennifer Wilson, I was told that there are “120 juniors and seniors on the prom committee who are in charge of putting Lambert’s prom together.” The main responsibilities of the committee include organizing the prom committee to choose the theme, decor, food, and t-shirt design.

This year’s prom theme is Ancient Greece with a perspective of Caesar’s Palace in Vegas where prom-goers will be teleported into a casino-like environment with poker tables. Due to the “cost, location, capacity, beauty, and size” of the Hellenic center, it will suit all of Lambert’s prom-goers needs.

This year’s junior and senior prom required a lot of hard work to put together, according to a prom committee member. From the decorations to even trying to book a location, it “took a lot of team work and dedication to put together the vision we had for prom.” “The theme was inspired by ancient Greece but we finalized it after brainstorming and looking at other schools’ proms for what theme would work well in the Hellenic Center.”


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