Cute Animal of the Week

Every week we will choose one lucky creature to be featured as the “Cute Animal of the Week” and our next winner is the Syrian Hamster!

Fun facts about the Syrian hamster:

  • They can grow to about five to seven inches long
  • Syrian hamsters don’t like to socialize and are highly territorial, so they should always be separated from one another
  • Their burrows can reach up to almost 30 feet long!
  • Because of their weak vision, they tend to depend on their scent glands which can be found on their backs; hamsters can use their scent glands to guide themselves through their habitat

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Photo by Kat Walker, taken on July 5, 2014, Some rights reserved,

Unfortunately, according to Animalia, “Population of this species in Syria is threatened by loss of its natural habitat due to development of human settlements.” You can click here to learn more about, support, and/or donate to help preserve the hamsters!