Cute Animal of the Week

Every week we will choose one lucky creature to be featured as the “Cute Animal of the Week” and our next winner is the Sun Bear!

Fun facts about the Sun Bear:

  • The Sun Bear is the smallest and most rare out of all of the bear species
  • Their chest marking is similar to a fingerprint in the sense that it’s different with each bear
  • Their paws are large and its soles are bare – pun intended – which makes them good for climbing trees; this is thought to be an adaptation

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Photo by Jim Sharkey, taken on September 6, 2017, Some rights reserved,

Unfortunately, according to Just Fun Facts, “Sun bears are considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due mainly to habitat loss from farming and logging, and poaching (both for meat and use in medicines).” Even though Sun Bears are conserved under national wildlife protection laws, enforcement of these laws is uncommon. In the last 30 years, their population has decreased by 30%, however, you can click here to learn more about, support, and/or donate to help preserve the Sun Bears.