Cute Animal of the Week

Baby Pangolin! Source:

Every week we will choose one lucky creature to be featured as the “Cute Animal of the Week,” and our first winner is the Pangolin!!!!

Fun facts about the Pangolin:

  • Pangolins are also known as scaly anteaters
  • A baby pangolin is often seen riding their mother’s tail
  • When in danger, pangolins curl up into a ball with their scales on the outside to protect them
  • Pangolin scales are hard enough to stop a lion’s bite

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Photo source:

Unfortunately, Pangolins are believed to be the most trafficked mammal in the world. Every year, thousands of pangolins are hunted and killed for their scales and meat. Their scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine. However, you can click here to learn more about, support, and/or donate to help preserve the Pangolins.