Dude. Be Nice

“Dude. Be Nice” started in 2014 to inspire students to treat themselves and others better. This is a program that inspires positivity and shifts our culture to include kindness.


The club Compass is going to be running this program. The way Compass plans to do this will be giving each teacher a shirt that says, “Dude. Be Nice” on them to inspire the students to be kind to each other. In addition to this, every day on the morning announcements, students will be getting a shoutout for their acts of kindness and will receive a goodie bag. 


Another thing compass will be doing is putting positive notes on people’s cars. Students should also look out for the wall of nice notes that students will be able to take and give to their friends. 


Games will be held in the cafeteria during the start of Monday, March 16, 2020. Compass hopes to see students participating in these fun games!