Garden of Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens


Photo by Jimena Ruano, taken on November 28, 2020

The Garden of Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is back for another year during the holiday season. Due to COVID-19, the event has taken preventative measures to ensure the safety of the visitors and staff. The event will run from November 14 – January 16.

If you are unsure where to take your significant other on a date then the Garden of Lights is a great idea! Not only are the lights gorgeous at night, but the Christmas music filled the atmosphere with warm feelings and fun! There are countless things to see at the park such as the Ice Goddess, a gorgeous sight found on a pond, and the hanging lights which change color depending on the song playing. 

Although you are not allowed to bring outside food or drinks into the garden, there are many places where you can buy snacks such as hot cocoa, chips, sandwiches, etc. for a little amount of money. There is a stand where you can make your own smores if you want something sweet to eat. The admission price to enter the event ranges depending on the night and the age of the participant including the option of purchasing premium tickets.


Value Nights:

Adult- $24.95

Child (3-12)- $21.95


Adult- $39.35

Child (3-12)- $36.95

Regular Nights:

Adult- $34.95

Child (3-12)- $31.95


Adult- $49.95

Child (3-12)- $46.95

Peak Nights:

Adult- $44.95

Child (3-12)- $41.95


Adult- $59.95

Child (3-12)- $56.95

Along with the ticket, if you plan on driving to the Botanical Gardens there is a parking fee of about $10 or $5 Monday – Wednesday for vehicles of four or more people or $10 for all vehicles Thursday – Sunday. The price range may scare people at first, but for a once a year experience it is definitely worth every penny.