Getting Excited for the Home Game!

In order to excite the Lambert student body for the first home game of the season, a large pep rally, filled with fun games and lots of screaming, was held during third period last Friday.


The pep rally started off the way it usually does, with Band playing bombastic music and with Coach Bass screaming as loud as he could to raise our spirits. We first watched the football team walk out onto the gym and got an exciting message delivered from one of the football players to get us excited about the game. 


After the football players came out, the games began. The first game was Pigs and Chicken, a game where two teams take up half the basketball court. Each team must try and cross to the other side and steal one of several rubber pigs or chickens and make it back to their side without being tagged by the opposing team. It was Cross Country vs teachers, and somehow, the teachers won.  Next up on the agenda was dodgeball. The teams were class sponsors and 2 representatives from each class. The game was just as intense as the last, and each team had a blast. 


At the very end, each class saw who could yell the loudest. This would determine the winner of the spirit belt. The seniors took the W. 


Even though we lost another game that Friday, we had fun at the pep rally and while attending the game. Hopefully, we will win our next one!