Homecoming Week 2020

Photo by Fort Bend Christan Academy, taken on March 16, 2017, Some rights reserved, https://www.fortbendchristian.org/

Photo by Fort Bend Christan Academy, taken on March 16, 2017, Some rights reserved, https://www.fortbendchristian.org/

Happy Homecoming! During these trying times, it’s important to unwind and have fun! Even though we won’t be having a homecoming dance, a perfect way to participate is to dress up according to the themes for the week of October 19-23! 

Monday’s theme is Music Monday! Dress up as your favorite song, artist, genre, or band! Represent your favorite tunes with graphic tees or stereotypical outfits (a cowboy hat for country or spiky hair for metal)

Photo by Revolve, taken on Noverember 15, 2018, Some rights reserved, https://www.fashiongonerogue.com/shop/graphic-band-tees-girls/

The 20th is Twin Tuesday! Dress alike with another Longhorn being as creative or common as you want. Wear the same jeans or T-shirt, go as Thing One and Thing Two, or dress up as salt and pepper! 

Photo by Veronica Brown, taken on October 25, 2016, Some rights reserved, https://creekhilife.com/7902/photos-of-the-week/homecoming-dress-up-day-twin-day/

Hop into your DeLorean because today is Way Back Wednesday! Wear clothes from your favorite decade and wow your classmates! Black leggings and an oversized sweater is a classic and easy 90’s look. Bell Bottoms, frayed jeans, and tie-dye were all the rage in the ’70s. Hold your breath and search the back of your parent’s closet and see if you can find any classic throwback clothing! 

Photo by Ruerea, taken on April 11, 2019, Some rights reserved, https://www.ruerea.com/how-to-dress-up-for-decade-day/decade-dress-up/

Pack your bags, we’re going on vacation! Well…not exactly. Thursdays’ theme is tacky tourists! Dress up in crazy tourist gear, the tackier the better! Hawaiian shirts, floppy hats, and huge sunglasses make a great tacky beach tourist! If you have any merchandise from places you visited wear it with pride and reveal your inner tourist!

Hook’em Horns! Friday is Longhorn Spirit Day! Wear your favorite longhorn attire and represent your school! There will be a pep rally for each grade throughout the day. Freshmen will attend the first half of first period with Sophomores attending the last half. During third period, Juniors will attend the first half with Seniors closing it out. We will be celebrating our fall athletes, cheerleaders, HC Court, and others during the event. Performances, wacky games, and some Longhorn Pride will be highlighted to prep for the big game!