Humans of Lambert: Bisan Malhotra

Image credit to Bisan Malhotra, accessed May 20, 2022.

Image credit to Bisan Malhotra, accessed May 20, 2022.

Bisan Malhotra, a sophomore at Lambert, is known for her fun personality and passion for academia, taking many rigorous classes and pursuing a variety of extracurricular activities. However, Ted-Ed Club is an activity for which she expresses a particular fondness. 

Bisan is currently the president of the TED-Ed Club, which entails a myriad of responsibilities including leading discussions and encouraging other members to step outside their comfort zone by sharing their ideas with the world. 

The TED-Ed Club for Bisan and many of the other members is a second family, as they bond over their passions and the fear of sharing them with others.

“The club is a family and at meetings, each member is able to dive into what they’re passionate about and learn more about themselves,” Bisan said. 

One of the most attractive aspects of the TED-Ed Club is the freedom of choice and getting to give speeches about topics the student is passionate about. Bisan loves and encourages this, which is shown in the club’s range of topics and presentations. 

A daunting decision for many TED-Ed Club members is choosing a topic they want to speak about, Bisan understands this struggle and strives to help her fellow members. 

“It has to be something that you know a lot about but you want to learn about, something you’re passionate about,” Bisan explained. 

Recently the TED-Ed Club hosted an event where students were able to present their speeches in front of an audience. The presentations ranged from a number of different things, but Bisan performed a slam poem. The event was a raging success, and the club was able to come closer as a group and grow through the experience.

Bisan’s favorite part about being a part of the TED-Ed club is knowing that all of the members have learned something from their experience, and through the presenting process, Bisan believes that they all grew as people.

Looking forward, Bisan has optimistic plans for next year. 

“Diving into the collaboration aspect of it and having time to give feedback and ideas within our club,” Bisan remarked. 

Bisan loves TED-Ed as she can explore her passions with an intellectual group of people, having discussions about real-world problems and all succeeding together.