Kudos To All the Key Players: Lambert High School’s Virtual Service Project

Due to COVID-19, there were numerous adjustments to Key Club this year. With the limitations of online learning, everyone had to adapt to remote methods of work and communication. However, Key Club did not let the pandemic hinder its ability to serve others. Instead, Key Clubbers seized the opportunity to assist those in their community. Lambert High School, specifically, hosted several service projects virtually this year. Most notably, they held “Kudos to all the Key Players” – a day of Key Club Week dedicated to recognizing devoted Key Clubbers. 

According to the Key Club website

“Key Club Week gives you the opportunity to show your community what Key Club is truly about: service,” Key Club website stated. “Each day places an emphasis on service, to promote Key Club within our homes, schools and communities and to make Key Club a household name.”

Every day of Key Club Week has a catchy theme to advocate the values of the club. Tuesday is known as “Kudos to all the Key Players.” It strives to appreciate any Key Club supporter – teachers, advisors, officers, and members – who have contributed to the club. 

“Personally thank all the Key Club supporters you know… write thank-you notes, host an appreciation dinner or do something uniquely your own style to recognize the contributions of these special people,” Keyclub.org encourages.

The Lambert High School Key Club decided to host this event virtually. The Longhorns motivated all members to thank their faculty advisors, teachers and mentors in any way possible. Some sent emails and direct messages, while others hand-delivered notes with precaution. 

Michelle Jing, a sophomore at Lambert who serves as Key Club’s treasurer and the Georgia District Board’s Lieutenant Governor of Division 8, shared her experience with this year’s “Kudos to all the Key Players” event.

“My favorite virtual service project was participating in Key Club Week’s ‘Kudos to all the Key Players,’” Jing said. “Members of my club wrote thank you notes to their teachers and mentors, and the Key Club officers went around and posted the notes on each door. It was endearing to see that there was an appreciation for our teachers, especially during the pandemic, and I hope that love got through to our education because I feel their positive effects every day.”

Lambert is one of many Georgia Key Clubs that exemplified the club’s objective of caring amidst the COVID-19 challenges. Key Clubbers have done an outstanding job continuing work in their home, school, and community during this difficult time. As vaccination rates increase, Key Club hopes to resume in-person service projects, meetings, and other activities. 

For more information about Georgia Key Club and its upcoming projects, visit www.gakeyclub.org.