Local Sweet Spots


Morgan Wood

Pictured: the delicious iced coffee at Rendezvous Café! The iced coffee is made daily with care by skilled baristas. Check it out, or any of the other sweets mentioned below.

Looking for a new place to grab a sweet snack, or can’t decide between a couple of favorites? Then, tune into these four local sweet spots!


An easy walk from Lambert’s campus, Drēm Waffle and Coffee Bar is one tasty next-door neighbor. Have ie2? Drem’s location makes for the perfect brunch hangout with friends, but if not, don’t worry! These delicious waffles are just as good on the weekend, or before school. Swing in and devour a waffle, take the latte to go. Not only are these waffles beautiful and Instagram worthy, but they can be topped with almost anything. Classic with syrup, Nutella, Fruity Pebbles, ice cream, bacon and eggs, or even caprese salad: the topping opportunities are endless. There’s something for everyone with savory and sweet themes, plus aesthetic coffee and tea drinks for the caffeine addicts, or social media savvy customers looking for Drēm-worthy posts.

Nido Café

Imagine Augustus Gloop shoveling Willy Wonka’s chocolate river into his mouth by the handful. Imagined? Good. That’s how satisfied customers look and feel after a visit to Nido Café in Vickery Village. Perfect for all the chocolate fanatics out there, Nido offers a wide range of easy-to-share sweets, from golden churros with chocolate sauce to marshmallows and fruit ready to skewer and fondue. The sharing, of course, is optional, but going solo pairs well with the chocolate soup…that’s right, Chocolate Soup!? Beyond how amazing the menu sounds, Nido is brimming with character. The white walls and glass water pitchers create a modern and clean environment, reined in with just a dash of vintage decorum and a couple of distressed leather chairs. Nido fits in beautifully with the upscale sanctuary of Vickery Village, nearby green, soccer fields and eye-catching architecture. If that’s not enough reason to love Nido, the baristas draw hearts in the cappuccinos.

Dutch Monkey Doughnuts

Coffee and Doughnuts may be heavily associated with cops, but for those looking to indulge every now and then, remember that doughnuts are also a cultural staple, maybe even a life essential. That being said, Dutch Monkey Doughnuts is exactly the place to go for such a treat. Made fresh daily, Dutch Monkey offers classic and unique flavors, all eye-candy and delicious. The earlier a visit, the better, because these fresh-baked goods run out fast, for good reason. Those looking to talk at breakfast over a coffee buttercream doughnut and caramel latte would be right at home. Not to mention, right across the street from The Collection, in case breakfast becomes an all-day hang. A couple of customers that appeared to be introducing a favorite spot to some friends were overheard chatting:

“Alright, what did you guys think?”

“It was really, really good!” A simple answer, perfectly to the point.

Rendezvous Café

Something about the environment screams warmth, or maybe it’s the coffee and pastries. Rendezvous Café in Lakeland Plaza is nothing short of adorable, serving breakfast and lunch, as well as beverages throughout the day. The menus creative (Pb and j latte) and variant, offering classic coffee to bubble tea, or smoothies for a healthier option. Both the food and drinks are made with skill in a well-kempt atmosphere, perfect for studying or deep conversation. The picture-perfect flower boxes in the windows add such a bright pop of color to the storefront, and the owner and chef, Fafa Young tends to them daily with great care. Co-owner, Eric Young, Fafa’s husband, can be found running in and out to restock supplies, due to the café’s popularity, but always finds time to hold the door for customers. Not intrigued yet, there’s a student discount!