Longhorn Holiday Tales

In this holiday season, memories are bound to be created. Here, we have compiled a few holiday stories from Lambert students and teachers. 

A Lambert teacher who has worked as a paramedic shared a call from several years ago. There were about twenty cars parked outside the house, which convinced the teacher there was a family gathering. A panic-stricken woman dashed out of the house, begging them to save her child. The medical team assumed the worst, rushed into the house, and discovered a family gathered in the kitchen. After parting the crowd, the medical team found a child in the middle, with a Yoo-hoo bottle stuck to their tongue.

The teacher successfully popped the bottle off the child’s tongue. Afterward, the teacher asked the child if they would drink Yoo-hoo anymore. 

“The child went, ‘Yep!’ and went to the refrigerator and opened up another bottle of Yoohoo,” the teacher recalled. 

Another teacher shared a more heartfelt story. When the teacher was younger, their parents divorced, and their two little sisters lived with her father and his wife. Throughout the time the sisters lived with their father, the relationship between the youngest sister and her father became strained. 

She received a lead role in her school rendition of “Into the Woods.” Her father skipped the performance, as he was mad at her at the time. 

On the teacher’s last Christmas spent with their father and siblings, they went to see the movie “Into the Woods” as a family. 

“It was kind of neat because it almost gave my youngest sister and my dad a platform to reconcile their differences twelve years later,” the teacher concluded.

A student remembered her close calls during Christmastime. While visiting family in Ottawa in 8th grade, Danya Ali admired a moose in her cousin’s backyard. Danya felt the need to slap it. A creature so massive would not notice. The moose charged. In her panic, she stumbled and fell in the snow. Danya needed six stitches after the moose stuck its antlers into her backside.

Danya, her cousins, and friends were ice fishing in Northern Canada. A horde of penguins felt threatened by their presence and endeavored to maul the group. Penguins are unfortunately capable of tripping people and pecking their eyes out. The ill-fated group was not informed that there was an area of soft ice. While on the run, Danya fell there and earned a scar to prove it. A separate time on ice, she skated in a patch that was not fully formed and nearly fell six feet under in two ways. About 20 passersby were necessary for her rescue.

These heartwarming, hilarious, and horrifying stories demonstrate the moving and mortifying events Longhorns have had and will experience during the holiday season.